Smart File Management & Tracking System

Create file with QR code and assign to your team members, Check performance and reporting with complete analytics.

KP FMS APP File Management System App

About KP FMS

Manage your Files & Identify its status

The File Management System is designed and developed for different departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to manage file process in government. FMS offers numerous attractive features to establish transparency in the file management process. FMS is the easiest and smartest way to manage the file hierarchy in any department or inter-department. The digital transformation is a way forward to Paperless KP.

Create file

User can create file with the basic information and multiple files attachments.

Mark to users

File can be marked to one or more users from multiple departments.

File history and timeline

File history has been created with a unique and easy to use timeline.


Paperless KP

KP-FMS: Evolution of Manual File Management System to a much more Eco-Friendly Paperless Filing System

Pakistan’s first SAAS based digital file tracking system to manage e-office. The digital Era offers elimination of unnecessary time consuming efforts from the office staff, which they can utilize in performing other significant tasks. Switch to paperless system with easy and time saving KP File Management System


Files has been created and processed through KP-FMS.


Files has been created and processed through KP-FMS.


Files has been created and processed through KP-FMS.


KP-FMS has Multiple Attractive Features to Create Workflow & Record

File Management System is intended for all departments of KP in order to manage and track files with easy to use dashboard. A feature such as reports, performance and archived files establishes transparency throughout departments.

KP FMS File Management System Dashboard

Access files

Easily Access, Manage and Track Files from anywhere

You can easily access files and process it even if you are not available at the office. Now with KP-FMS mobile App you can review files, mark them, check the status and even create files to keep the ball rolling. It is way easier and accessible to manage files in an e-office system.


KP-FMS is a subset of   Berryfiles  a product of WQS .